Organic Organisations

For over a century, the idea of an organisation as a machine made a lot of sense. But that no longer holds true. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and robots are already encroaching on what would have been considered to be high value roles requiring experience - and this trend is set to accelerate. Sustainable growth, however, will require uniquely human capacities such as creativity, empathy and care. To tap into the full potential of their people, companies need to remodel themselves as evolving, living organisms. Adaptability, transparency and empowerment are the keys to ongoing relevance.


Cultural Literacy

In this global market, as workplaces become more diverse and human centric, intercultural competencies become a necessity. To succeed one needs to understand not only how culture influences how different people, teams and marketplaces function; to excel, one needs the ability to articulate those differences in ways that enables dialogue and true co-operation.


Human Leadership

Leadership is storytelling. Management is actually getting it published. For success, you need to achieve both.

Success lies in finding and telling the story that fuels your team and then creating an environment that allows individuals to flourish and groups to achieve remarkable results together.


Learning Experience Design

Humans experience their world as stories. The Learner’s Journey is a framework, developed at INCONTRO, that uses the universal structure of every great story ever told as a design principle to create immersive, creative and highly effective Conferences, Strategic Retreats or Workshops.


Cook Off

Want to put your team through a pressure test? Step out of the office and into the kitchen. Gain some perspective on how your team deals with complexity, ambiguity, authority, delegation and quality management. Hungry?