INCONTRO is mostly Bastian Küntzel, an innovative facilitator, trainer and coach that creatively pushes the boundaries of mainstream approaches to learning.

Beyond that, INCONTRO is a network of independent facilitators, trainers and coaches, designers and photographers, makers and educators. 

Bastian has been involved in the training field since 1998, having started as a volunteer in an international youth organisation, studied Intercultural Communication and Adult Education and now work globally with clients such as the United Nations and Google.

Beyond that,  he is a proud father and husband. He passionately cooks and thinks more about coffee and wine than is probably necessary. 

In this interview, Bastian talks about INCONTRO and how he approaches his business. You might find it interesting. 


Our Values

Human Rights

Regardless of who we work with, we will always stand up for human rights, non-discrimination and pluralism. We will not work with organisations manufacturing weapons. Our allegiance will always be with the powerless.


Working with, not for

We see our clients as partners on a journey that we take as companions. We are not executors of predefined training programmes. The value we add to your organisation is at its highest if we’re seeing each other eye-to-eye. We will never look down at you; we will never look up to you.


It's not just business, it's personal

Our business plan is not targeted at maximising profit by commoditizing learning. We care, personally, for every client we work with and the challenges they are facing. We meet you as full human beings and we see our clients that way. It’s intense, but very rewarding.



November 2015, TEDx Torun

In Torun, I spoke about Feedback and what I learned about it having spent some time in professional kitchens. We could do a lot worse as knowledge workers in offices would than to adopt this professional routine as diligently as chefs do in their work. 

Occasionally, I speak at conferences

You can see me in the following videos: 

June 2014, Wroclove World event

I spoke about why I think most organizations under-invest in their employees abilities to learn everyday from their peers and how a focus on feedback skills can boost teams' ability to communicate more effectively. 

April 2013, Wroclove World event

I spoke about why I think diversity is difficult to deal with, why it should not be underestimated as an economic factor, and ways to use its creative potential. 

February 2012, TEDx Poznan

I spoke about how I approach designing training programmes to be as participant-centred and effective as possible.