I am Bastian Küntzel, an innovative facilitator, trainer and coach that creatively pushes the boundaries of mainstream approaches to learning.

I specialise in communication and management with a focus on their intercultural dimensions. I have been involved in the training field since 1998, having started as a volunteer in an international youth organisation, studied Intercultural Communication and Adult Education and now work globally with clients such as the United Nations and Google.

Beyond that, I am a proud father and husband. I passionately cook and think more about coffee and wine than is probably necessary. 

Occasionally, I speak at conferences. You can see me in the following videos: 

In June 2014, at the Wroclove World event, I spoke about why I think most organizations under-invest in their employees abilities to learn everyday from their peers and how a focus on feedback skills can boost teams' ability to communicate more effectively. 

In April 2013, at the Wroclove World event, I spoke about why I think diversity is difficult to deal with, why it should not be underestimated as an economic factor, and ways to use its creative potential

In February 2012, at TEDx Poznan, I spoke about how I approach designing training programmes to be as participant-centred and effective as possible