I work with individuals ranging from executives to private persons in understanding their achievements, realising their potential and aspirations, overcoming challenges, solving problems and moving ahead.

I accompany those that are not satisfied with where they are, to get to where they wish to be, do what they dream about and achieve what they feared was impossible.

Coaching is a creative partnership between a Coach and a Client. Over the course of around 10 one-hour sessions it is my task as a coach to accompany you to achieve the result you are looking for, personally or professionally. I do this primarily through questions, not by giving advice.

I will challenge you to do things you haven’t done before, take new perspectives and support you when you are struggling. In the end, you will have achieved your goal all by yourself, but without the coaching, you might not have dared to believe you could. Get in touch and let's see if we're the right fit. You might also find this recommendation letter, or this recommendation letter from former clients interesting.