Cook Off


Dealing with stress, delegating and prioritizing tasks, co-ordinating deliverables to be ready on time, managing knowledge, orchestrating different skills and talent... 

Sounds like your everyday routine in the office? Sounds like the routine of a kitchen, too. 

The INCONTRO Cook Off is a new approach to training teamwork, communication and feedback in a setting that is stimulating and unusual: the kitchen.

How does it work?

Participants in the INCONTRO Cook Off are divided into two teams that compete against each other. 

Each team has to cook three classic dishes from recipes as well as develop their own dish from a ‘polish mystery box’ - a collection of typical polish ingredients. 

Teams will need to deal with additional challenges such as loosing expertise and integrating new team-members as well as making tough choices about time-management. 

When the cooking is done, the whole group eats together and debriefs the exercise and draws learning points that can help them improve their everyday work.

Factsheets and contact

If you want something to print out to show to your colleagues or bosses (or just hang at your wall) - here are factsheets in English, Polish and German.

Interested in doing this with your team or implement it in your organisation? Get in touch!