Cultural Literacy


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was such a thing as an objective reality? Unfortunately, objective realities don’t exist.

Our brains have to filter what we see, hear or experience in several steps to allow us to make sense of them. Culture is a segment of that process. It allows us to understand what those around us mean with the words they use, with their body language, with their decisions. We understand the values, emotions and ambitions of others because we share them. But we don’t even think of this as ‘understanding’, because it’s just normal. We take it for granted, and that’s great.

In intercultural situations, however, this leads often to misunderstandings, misperceptions and sometimes - conflict.

Cultural Literacy is the ability to see and articulate all the different ways in which culture limits what we’re able to perceive in the world. It is the skill to talk about how we might perceive the world differently from our colleagues, who were socialised in different environments. It is the competence to negotiate meaning and co-create a new filter, a new culture, that we can share with our team, our partners and communities.

INCONTRO provides Intercultural Training and Coaching to a wide range of clients.

Our Intercultural Management and Leadership courses provide insights into the dynamics of culture and expose the levers we can pull to enable intercultural dialogue and effective intercultural collaboration.

If you want to dip your tow into the field of Intercultural Communication, we have an online course for you that provides solid foundations in understanding the ins and outs of culture, dimensions of cultural diversity and how to effectively deal with them. 

You can also schedule a free initial consultation to understand how culture impacts your business.

What clients say about us:

I have worked with Incontro quite a few times over the last few years. In every engagement Bastian was instilling in me confidence that his experience and skills would lead to a great engagement providing required and lasting change in the organization through a very tailored, thoughtful intervention. And indeed Incontro was able to deliver results every single time.
— Radek Kokot - investor, entrepreneur and ex-manager in global technology and online advertising industries