Human Leadership


A leader is anyone who wants to achieve something that they themselves cannot do alone. True leaders are able to imagine a future that doesn’t exist yet and find the words that can paint that picture for others. But this is not enough: Real artists ship!

Being a good leader is not something that is taught in school. It requires empathy and humility, authentic enthusiasm and self-distance. To manage people and harness their intrinsic motivation, leaders need to become masters at feedback and guidance. They need to know when to step back and when to be close.

INCONTRO provides management and leadership training and coaching for those who want to enjoy their work as they make a meaningful, positive, impact in the world.

We custom design intensely interactive, participant centred and engaging learning opportunities that can range from a day to a whole week. Our work is grounded in cutting edge findings from the fields of social psychology, management and organisational theory as well as research from diverse fields such as design, ecology, pedagogy and economy.

Schedule a free initial consultation to find out why colleagues in your organisation might disengage and what you can change to be less stressed and more successful as a leader.

What clients say about us:

Our leadership team has worked with Bastian over a few years and we have seen the benefits of his support. Our team of managers have become respected global leaders, with a broader self-awareness and stronger bond as a team than before. Bastian combines leading international principles and theory on leadership development, with practical examples and applications for each – you can take his guidance straight back to work and apply it.
— Chris Girling - Manager in the global financial services industry