Creating Impactful Learning Experiences


Conferences, Workshops, Training Programmes can be incredibly powerful spaces to facilitate learning, create new ideas and build sustainable, productive partnerships. Unfortunately, all too often they are dreadful, boring and disengaging. This, however, can be avoided by using planning frameworks that put the experience of the participants first.

Human beings think and experience the world around them in stories. There is a wealth of work out there that helps us understand the basic structure of every story ever told and why they pull us in, make us care and enrich our lives.

At INCONTRO we have developed a framework to design immersive programmes for any kind of learning event that harnesses the power of story.

By thinking of the learners as the heroes of their own journey, the protagonists of their own story, we can channel their innate sense of curiosity and drive to design programmes and environments that harnesses the intrinsic motivation of every participant.

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Sounds too good to be true? Here’s what former clients have to say about us:

Bastian Küntzel is the perfect person to “architect” complex processes for Conferences, such as the Second International Conference on Youth Volunteering at UNESCO, he helped us organise. He does this by creating tools that foster a genuine sense of community among participants through transformative experiences that allowed them to be the actors and directors of their own learning and participation. His in-depth knowledge of the challenges of intercultural interaction was a particular advantage in his creative design and innovative facilitation. His flexible working style allowed for new techniques and working methods to be put in place, whilst respecting the structures that characterise a large intergovernmental organisation.
— Amina Hamshari, Programme Specialist, Intercultural Dialogue Section, Social and Human Sciences Sector, UNESCO
Bastian Küntzel was a crucial partner in the implementation of one of our key events in 2017. From the beginning of the collaboration, Bastian was amazingly innovative in the techniques, format and methodologies he proposed, but very concrete at the same time. He took the time to listen to us, take existing constraints into account, and he really understood the objectives that we wanted to achieve. An ongoing dialogue with him created trust from the outset. Throughout the process, he instilled pertinent elements and came up with out of the box ideas, allowing participants to brainstorm together in a creative and constructive way, which boosted confidence and reinforced team building. Thanks to his guidance and collaboration, the objectives of the meeting were achieved in an outstanding way.
— Souria Saad-Zoy, Programme Specialist, Youth Programme, Social and Human Sciences Sector, UNESCO