Organic Organisations


There is a slow revolution going on in the way organisations are led and managed. A growing number of people are no longer willing to check their humanity at the door and be treated like a disposable component of a predefined machine. A growing number of business leaders also realise that there is a a great deal of innovation, creativity, dedication and engagement lost if they don’t welcome their colleagues as the complete and complex human beings that they are.

Businesses, such as Jungfalk Allsave, Premium Cola, Favi or Patagonia, to name just a few, have shown that a human-centred approach to business does not only lead to satisfied and engaged employees (and customers), but creates sustainable success that wildly outperforms their competitors.

Members of Organic Organisations have a radically different approach to how they budget and purchase; how they create and evaluate their work, how they learn and how they approach feedback as well as decision making. 

INCONTRO will guide you through the journey of Analysis, Strategy and Implementation to set you on the right course to become an Organic Organisation.

We help you to understand the hotspots of your organisational design, where too often (unfortunately) you lose your colleagues’ creativity and engagement. We identify the low-hanging fruit and the important long-term systemic changes that you might tackle over a longer period of time.

We develop with you a custom designed strategy, a path towards a more human centred, customer focused, joyful, creative and sustainable organisation.

Based on this, we develop and facilitate individual and collective learning opportunities to accelerate your evolution.  

Schedule a free consultation and explore how being an Organic Organisations in your industry might look like.