Things get built in workshops. If I am involved, we create strategies or products (such as training manuals, service products, projects) together.

I facilitate the process and guide the teams involved through the developmental steps of generating ideas, distilling the essence, their refinement, stripping away the unnecessary and coming up with clear and elegant results. 

Here are some examples of my work to date in this field: 

Development and facilitation of a global workshop for 140 IKEA marketing manager to lay the foundations for a learner-centred development program on digital competences. 

Development of a participatory target group needs analysis and product development for OXY2, an Executive Concierge Service Provider in Wroclaw,

Facilitation of a multi-stakeholder consultation to develop and refine the core pillars and principles of a regional programme in the Arab States for United Nations Volunteers.  

Programme development and facilitation of a multi-stakeholder consultation to establish the foundational principles for a global Youth Volunteering Strategy for United Nations Volunteers.