New Website

A while back, I decided that my website needed a breath of fresh air. I wanted it to look good on mobile phones and tablets as well as on the good old laptop and desktop computer. I also wanted to rethink how I can present myself honestly, clearly to anyone who might be interested in working with me. 

It's been a great exercise to draft the copy for the different sections, to get feedback on them from friends and colleagues and to redraft them and redraft them and redraft them until I was satisfied that they actually say what I do and offer, without hot air, catch phrases, or buzz-words (at least as little as possible of that). 

I also decided to move the platform where the website is hosted and went with Squarespace. I did this, on the one hand, because their interface is really simple and well designed, which helps me with my limited programming knowledge to change things and manage the website on my own, after it's been handed over to me by the designer. On the other hand, I chose them because they appear to sponsor almost every Podcast I listen to. It's my current favorite way to be entertained while walking places, traveling or driving, so I wanted to support those who support those that make something that gives me so much joy. 

The design comes from the capable mind and hands of Pawel Hawrylak of haveasign. He is my go-to person whenever I need professional design work. What can I say: he's really good. You should hire him too. 

The website has been live for a few weeks now, but I wanted to wait to promote it until I have the video of a talk I recently gave, so that, by the time you have read all this, you can also enjoy a little film and who doesn't like a little film? Please let me know what you think about the talk, what I missed, what you liked, etc. And also, please let me know what you think about the new website, ok? I would be most thankful!